History Of Salem Lutheran Church

In the year 1766 the original application was submitted to the Province of Pennsylvania for a Grant of Land consisting of 92 acres and 137 perches, by early Lutheran settlers and granted to Melchoir Stock and others.  In the year 1775 the first Log Church was built in the area of the present school and church houses.  Reformed members of the area, were granted permission by the Lutherans, to worship in the church on occasions.  In 1802 the Reformed members were granted equal worship rights with the Lutherans.  In 1812 preparations were underway for the building of a new "Brick Church" on the location of the present building.  Work was begun, but was delayed by the absence of workmen who went to serve in the war of 1812.  On August 7, 1814 the cornerstone was laid and on May 12, 1816 the new church building was dedicated.  Its name was the "Rau's Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Church."  In 1897 this "Brick Church" was demolished and the cornerstone for a new edifice, the Salem Lutheran and Reformed Church, was laid on May 30 on the same site as the second church.  The dedication for the 3rd and present church was held on May 24, 1898.  IN 1968 the Reformed Congregation became affiliated with the Lutheran Congregation and the church name became the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.

What are People Saying About Salem Church?

"I joined this congregation because I felt accepted and included." 

"I joined Salem because it was like coming home and I found my church family here."

"The congregation is in an exciting time right now, evolving and moving with the Holy Spirit's guidance." 


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